San Francisco, CA is now accepting electronic documents through CSC via the CERTNA Portal.

At this time, CERTNA only accepts documents from title insurers, underwritten title companies or institutional lenders. If you fit into one of those categories, please follow the instruction below:

1. Please print, sign, and mail the San Francisco original MOU to:

Carrie Kleven
1300 N. 200 E. STE 118 Logan, UT 84341
2. You need to fill out only one CA ER Declaration Form. CERTNA will keep it on file and it will apply to all counties. If you have not previously sent in a declaration please send original to:


Patrick Honny
Executive Director
222 W Hospitality Lane
San Bernardino, CA 92415

And send a copy to:
Carrie Kleven
1300 N. 200 E. STE 118 Logan, UT 84341

We will mail the originals to San Francisco and notify you when you have been authorized to submit.

Please keep in mind that this county may be new to eRecording and these document types. Accordingly, we will be working closely with the county and any back-end providers to ensure that documents are processed correctly and without errors. This may require some extra time at first. If you experience an unacceptable delay or would like an update on our progress, please contact  us for assistance.

CSC new county notification: now eRecording in San Francisco CA