House Bill 2800 (Public Act No. 578) signed by the governor August 26 and effective July 1, 2019 amended the General Not for Profit Corporation Act and the Uniform Partnership Act that the Secretary may not provide expedited services for online filing of annual reports or requests for certificates of good standing or consider a request submitted by electronic means a request for expedited services.  The bill also amended the LLC Act to delete a $100.00 fee for filing articles of domestication. 

House Bill 2860 (Public Act No. 491) signed by the governor August 23 and effective July 1, 2019 amends the Entity Omnibus Act to modify record keeping for plans of conversion and domestication and to provide for the Secretary of State to propound interrogatories to ascertain entity compliance with the act. 

House Bill 3394 (Public Act 101-859) signed by the governor and effective August 27 amends the Business Corporation Act to provide that, no later than January 1, 2021, a publicly held domestic or foreign corporation whose principal executive offices are located in Illinois must include in its annual report data on specific qualifications, skills and experience that the corporation considers for its board of directors, nominees for the board and executive officers.

Illinois – Amended Corporate and Partnership Legislation