Drafting consents and resolutions for your business entities used to be a special kind of drudgery.

Not anymore.

CSC is pleased to introduce Document Assembly. This labor-saving new tool, part of the CSC Entity Management application, automates the process of creating legal documents for multiple entities by allowing you to merge data stored within the CSC application with document templates that you control.

Document Assembly:
  • Enables you to gather the needed data to assemble documents for a common action across multiple entities (such as annual appointment of officers or resignations)
  • Allows you to use a variety of filtering options to produce standard data files appropriate to a specific document type
  • Gives you complete control over your document templates
  • Utilizes standard Microsoft® mail merge function to merge data with document templates – no
    additional license fees or installation requirements

Now, instead of having to manually produce documents for changes like officer appointments, re-elections, and resignations, you simply select data from the CSC system, pick your document template, and export your data to create an unlimited number of individual documents.

“Manually finding and entering entity data into written consent and resolution templates for several entities is burdensome and time consuming for our customers,” says John Oliver, Director of Corporate Market Strategy at CSC. “What’s nice about Document Assembly is that now, with a few clicks of the button, your entity data flows directly into your document templates. You can create thousands of entity documents across your organization in a few minutes.  This automation is going to save our customers hours and hours, and that’s exactly what CSC is in the business of doing.”

For more information

For details about Document Assembly or to arrange training, CSC customers are encouraged to contact their Entity Management Specialist at any time. Real-time help is also available within the CSC Entity Management application from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET daily through our Live Chat feature.

Request a demo

If you’re not a CSC customer but would like to learn more or request a demo of our award-winning CSC Entity Management application, please visit our Entity Management services page.

Managing your legal entities just got a whole lot easier