The Corporations and Charities Division posted notice of a procedure change.  Effective December 1, all business entity position titles will be reflected as Governor in the filing office’s searchable database. The procedure change is based on RCW 23.95 which became effective January 1, 2016.  The definition of Governor in Section 23.95 is as follows:

(12) “Governor” means:
(a) A director of a business corporation;
(b) A director of a nonprofit corporation;
(c) A partner of a limited liability partnership;
(d) A general partner of a limited partnership;
(e) A manager of a manager-managed limited liability company;
(f) A member of a member-managed limited liability company;
(g) A director of a general cooperative association; or
(h) Any other person under whose authority the powers of an entity are exercised and under whose direction the activities and affairs of the entity are managed pursuant to the organic law and organic rules of the entity.

Washington – All Business Entity Position Titles will be Reflected as Governor Effective December 1
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