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Corporate Services

We provide the kind of services that allow companies to form corporations and LLCs, meet their compliance obligations in thousands of U.S. state and local jurisdictions, and expand their businesses into other states and other countries.

Legal Services

We provide law departments with the tools they need to organize, file, and safeguard their case-critical documents. We help businesses oversee and maintain the good standing of unlimited numbers of entities. Our tools improve the outcome of deals like mergers and acquisitions.

Financial Services

Since the adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code, we have partnered with the world's largest banks and commercial lenders to enhance due diligence and minimize risk through timely, accurate UCC searches and filings. Now, CSC also offers comprehensive real estate document recording services across the United States.

And More…

CSC offers a full suite of domain name management, trademark, and brand protection services to help safeguard the world's most valuable brands. Our stability, expertise, and growing portfolio of solutions have made us the trusted partner for 90% of the Fortune 500® and nearly three quarters of the 100 Best Global Brands®. Every day, more companies discover the benefits of working with us.

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