Alaska UCC Search

Alaska UCC searches and filings can be a major and complex undertaking for many organizations. CSC® can help with your organization’s initial UCC service questions and how to manage overall UCC monitoring. Clients in every part of Alaska have received help with UCC expiration, UCC bankruptcy, and debtor tracking. With our experience and knowledge, CSC is here to help you with all of your UCC needs.

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  • Searches for records are made easy with the largest UCC database in the industry.
  • UCC Monitoring Services notify you of any changes that might affect your business.
  • CSC’s Portfolio Management application offers all UCC services in one convenient place.

Concerning debtor name sufficiency, Alaska instituted Alternative B, known as the ‘Safe Harbor’ approach. A driver’s license (special identification card) is sufficient, but using the surname and first personal name will result in perfection.

More information and details pertaining to the 2010 UCC amendments and changes can be found on our 2010 Amendments to UCC Article 9 Guide.