Business License Management Services

Take advantage of the CSC® Business License Portfolio Management System to sort, search, verify, and renew your business licenses upon advance expiration notices delivered electronically by CSC.

Whether you currently use spreadsheets, paper files, or no system at all, our portfolio management system consolidates and streamlines your business license management processes.

Contact us today to realize these efficiencies immediately and make your crucial business licensing information transparent to the employees in your organization who need to view it.

Our system helps you prevent missed business license filings and stay in compliance with state, county, and municipal filing requirements and renewals. Plus, CSC offers system customization:

  • Use your own industry or company terminology
  • Assign role-based permissions and access levels to unlimited user accounts
  • Organize your business license portfolio how you see fit
  • Track your budget, your spend, and your penalties
  • Maintain a centralized process that enables all staff to handle business licenses in a consistent manner

Please request a consultation today to speak with a CSC specialist about business license portfolio management, or learn more about all of our business license services.