Business License Search Services

For existing or new locations, CSC can verify your business licenses for compliance anywhere

We’re here when you need us to quickly research new locations, identify changes that might impact your license requirements, license status, and more. Our full range of business license services is designed to reduce the time, effort, and expense involved with researching, preparing, and filing your applications, as well as renewing and managing your license and permit portfolio.

CSC’s business license search offerings

CSC has a suite of research solutions, depending on what you need.

New location research

Ideal for new locations, detailed research uncovers all your business licensing requirements with state, county, and municipal licensing authorities.

Existing location research

  • For established business locations, CSC conducts a nationwide business license search to validate the accuracy of existing business licenses, analyzing data against compliance requirements for your industry and locations.
  • We analyze the data you provide against business license compliance requirements for your industry and location.
  • CSC delivers a complete report confirming the status of what you have previously filed, along with additional business licensing requirements and a list of business licenses you may no longer need.
  • CSC can help you solve business license issues, such as finding out whether the entity is active, was never properly closed, or was incorrectly listed on an application to the filing authority. This uncovers business license, permit, and tax registration obligations.

Good standing search

  • A business license check from CSC ensures that your business licenses, permits, and tax registrations are in good standing with the appropriate licensing authorities in every jurisdiction where you do business.

Amendment research

  • Business license amendment research from CSC helps ensure that your changes like transfer of ownership, address changes, name changes, and officer changes are applied accurately to the appropriate authorities and on the appropriate documentation.

Why businesses choose CSC for business license research services

Whether you're a newly established business wondering how to fulfill your licensing obligations, or an existing corporation seeking to expand your business lines or geographic footprint, CSC has the expertise you need to overcome every compliance challenge.

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