Corporate Entity Tracking

Track your entity’s legal status and maintain compliance

Maintaining your corporate entities’ compliance isn’t easy. Corporate entity tracking requires careful planning and continued diligence to ensure that entities remain in good standing from formation through dissolution.

Implementation of an entity management software platform is sound practice to maintain your entities’ data and documents. With multiple filing dates, statutory updates, and changes to jurisdiction rules to keep up with, a good entity tracking tool can decrease your risk of losing good standing and the costly reinstatement fees that go along with it.

Legal entity tracking from CSC

CSC offers corporate entity tracking to our registered agent clients in order to maintain your entities’ legal status and mitigate the risk of loss of good standing.

CSC's Corporate Entity Tracking solution includes:

  • Automatically monitoring your corporate information for changes
  • Sending you email alerts whenever changes occur to your entities’ names, structures, or good standing statuses
  • Providing you with the type of change, a “before” and “after” snapshot of the entity in question, the date the compliance check was performed, and a link to the tracking results
  • Making it easy to amend affected filings or take other remedial actions

Why choose CSC for business entity tracking

Our corporate entity tracking service combines CSC’s state-of-the-art technology with our unrivaled access to all U.S. jurisdictions. Our software tracks and manages delinquencies, administrative dissolutions, revocations, and other changes in entity status, –reporting them directly to you in real time, giving you the early warning you need to take effective action.

Reduce your compliance worries—put our more than 120 years’ worth of experience to work for you.

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