Corporate Merger Services

A merger is when two or more businesses come together to reduce their individual operating costs, implement a product or service launch, or collaborate on any other joint effort. The scope of a particular entity merger can vary substantially depending on the specific demands and expectations of each party.

Mergers are classified into two subsets: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal mergers involve the coming together of two entities that previously may have been competitors, while vertical mergers entail the fusion of businesses that complement one another’s corporate interests.

Whatever the reason for the merger, the end result is to forge a new entity that is greater than either individual entity’s respective financial position. Given the scale with which certain mergers can affect the economy, they are strictly regulated by government agencies.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice have final say over whether a particular corporate merger is valid. It is important to note that without the blessing of both regulatory agencies, a merger is effectively null and void.

Given the abundance of legal paperwork that is involved in these matters, partnering businesses are highly inclined to utilize the services of a certified registered agent.

CSC® has facilitated thousands of mergers, many for the world’s top Fortune 500® companies. Our track record of successful corporate coalescence is the result of over a hundred years of experience mastering a field that rarely forgives error. One missing signature or delayed response may be all it takes to cut your corporate merger short.

CSC employs top-of-the-line technology and skilled staff to monitor all aspects and stages of your future partnership. With a 100% client satisfaction rate, you can trust us to safeguard your corporate merger every step of the way.

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