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As a business owner, you have a number of vested legal obligations to maintain in your respective state(s). Responding to state correspondence, commonly referred to as service of process,is perhaps one of the most important obligations. As you may already know, the government requires all corporations and LLCs to establish a registered agent for purposes of service of process receipt, delivery, and response.

But the benefits don’t just stop there. A licensed agent can also offer you everything from the preparation and filing of a business’s annual reports, to ensuring it is in full compliance with state and local licensing and permit regulations.

CSC® also offers UCC search and filing services in all 50 states. UCC search and filing can be a confusing task to undertake, but CSC’s experts make it easy, with tools like UCC Monitoring Services, which notifies you of any changes that might affect your business.

Always acting in your best interest

Since the turn of the 20th century, CSC has provided unrivaled services to corporations and law firms. When partnered with one of our designated state registered agents, your company can take advantage of a truly impressive array of corporate solutions.

CSC goes above and beyond what most would expect from a certified state resident agent. As a means of streamlining your company’s acquiescence with state legal deadlines, and keeping vital records in check at all times, we utilize an advanced eBilling/eFiling system and digital platform, called CSC Matter ManagementSM.

The majority of our clients have reported significant time and budget savings by switching to CSC for their diverse corporate needs. To explore the additional representation, governance, and financial services provided by CSC for over 116 years, call us at 866-403-5272, or look for your state form listed below.

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