Doing Business in California

CSC is a trusted California business compliance partner and an industry leader for more than 100 years. We can help you meet deadlines and reduce risk, so you can focus on running your business.

CSC offers California Registered Agent services, accepting service of process (SOP) during normal business hours on your behalf. We receive, scan, and remit your SOP to you within 24 hours of receipt. Whether you are already doing business in California or looking to expand into California, CSC can help with your resident agent and service of process needs. Looking to change registered agents? Ask about how easy it is to change your registered agent.

California Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search and filing can be complex. CSC can help with your California UCC search, filing, management and monitoring through the largest UCC database in the industry. Clients in every part of CA have been helped with CSC UCC expiration, bankruptcy, and debtor tracking.

We make it easy to meet all California business license obligations regardless of your industry, location, or number of entities. With over 160,000 specialized governments across the U.S.—each with its own license, permit, and tax registration demands—we can take on tracking down deadlines and spending time corresponding with any number of federal, state, and regional offices on your behalf.

We prepare and submit all California annual report paperwork.

CSC can also order California certificates of good standing, freeing you from the time and frustration of dealing with a multitude of jurisdictional offices.

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