eBilling Solutions

Manual billing processes waste time and money. Automate your financials with eBilling from CSC® and discover new efficiencies and savings.

A natural complement to our CSC Matter ManagementSM platform, CSC's eBilling application takes your invoice processing out of manual mode for all LEDES 1998B and LEDES 2000 invoices.

It's the perfect tool to help you receive, review and approve all your invoices. What's more, it provides the critical insight to optimize your legal spend. CSC's eBilling application recognizes Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) code, building meaningful data points that will help you to monitor, analyze and improve your budgetary performance.

Start using CSC eBilling today and enjoy:

  • Receive approved invoices into your Accounts Payable system automatically via XML data-transfer technology.
  • Integrate invoices and matters with a simple data upload. Backup documentation, including receipts, can be added to every record.
  • Send invoices to the right approvers using entity-specific routing preferences.
  • Check the status of any invoice at any point in the approval process.
  • Automatic validation reveals invoice discrepancies before they escalate.  
  • Users get email reminders advising them to make edits, add comments and approve or reject an invoice. Each change or action is captured in detail as invoices move along the approval chain.
  • Your accounts payable contact receives all approved invoices for payment, along with a printable actions summary as back-up documentation.
  • Choose from a range of invoice approval options. Changes are visible in the invoice history, providing audit trails and complete reporting accuracy.
  • All grids, search screens, and reports feature international currency options for your convenience.