Five Steps to Full Service Business License Management With CSC

Five Steps to Full Service Business License Management

Step 1

CSC gathers your business license data and documentation to build out your comprehensive, customized, web-based portfolio with full visibility into your licenses.

Step 2

CSC manages your renewals, and upcoming expirations can be seen by logging into CSC Navigator® approximately 60 days in advance of the due date.

Step 3

CSC obtains the necessary renewal applications, prepares the applications, collaborates with you on completion of the information, and files the applications with the appropriate jurisdiction.

Step 4

CSC follows up with the jurisdictions through completion of your filing application, uploads the license images to your web-based portfolio, and mails you the original copy of the license.

Step 5

CSC invoices you for the work completed through your choice of our variety of flexible billing options.

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