Insurance and TPA License Services

Hassle-free insurance license management

Managing your insurance broker (insurance producer), license, and other insurance-related licenses can be overwhelming. Dealing with agents and agencies, state offices and applications, and a number of due dates are just a few of the challenges you face. Plus, the more producer licenses you have, the harder it gets to maintain third party administrator (TPA) compliance.

There are six common filings that insurance providers must submit:

1. Agency or individual resident license

Insurance Broker License services: For agents and entities that sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance, CSC can assist you by applying through the state department of insurance or equivalent office for an insurance broker license.

2. Agency or individual non-resident license

Foreign state and non-resident insurance licenses: Regardless of whether your producers are conducting business in their resident state, home state, or as a non-resident (foreign state), CSC can help. We will assist in determining your non-resident licensing requirements and submitting your applications for that license.

3. Surplus lines

Surplus lines: Insurers fill the need for coverage in the marketplace by insuring those risks that are declined by the standard underwriting and pricing processes of admitted insurance carriers.

4. Adjuster

License services for insurance adjusters: Insurance adjusters may require a specialized license known as an adjuster license. CSC can assist in the application for an adjuster license from the Department of Insurance or equivalent office.

5. Third-party administrators

(TPA) license requirements and compliance: CSC can assist in obtaining a TPA license on your behalf. We’ll need to know the services you are or will administer as a TPA to provide you with the best insurance licensing services.

6. Appointments

Appointments required to sell: Appointments are what link an individual agent or an agency with a specific insurance company, allowing them to sell that company's policies.

CSC’s insurance licensing services

We’ll connect you with an insurance and TPA license expert, dedicated to providing you with efficient, world-class service. We manage thousands of business licenses across most industries on our clients’ behalf, and consider ourselves an extension of the team.

With CSC, you’ll have full visibility into your insurance license portfolio through our Business License Portfolio Management platform, giving you the ability to submit complete information to meet deadlines, remain in compliance, and avoid damaging fines.

You’ll also get:

  • Accelerated filings on producer license registration and renewals
  • A centralized repository of all third-party administrator licensing information and scanned licenses
  • Automated license expiration reminders pushed to you for review
  • On-demand, customized reports
  • Role-based permissions and unlimited user accounts

Why businesses choose CSC for insurance license and TPA licensing services

  • Minimize your risk. You won’t miss filings, giving you peace of mind.
  • Decrease your administrative burden. We provide time savings and streamlined processes.
  • Eliminate complexity. Our people do this every day; we’re the experts.
  • Implement transparency. Your entire licensing portfolio is viewable with web-based centralization through CSC’s Business License Portfolio Management platform.
  • Reduce cost. Whether that means time, money, or quality, your focus can be spent building your business.

CSC® provides knowledge-based solutions for every phase of the business life cycle, helping businesses form entities, maintain compliance, and execute other corporate transactions in hundreds of U.S. and international jurisdictions. We are the unwavering partner for 90% of the Fortune 500®, nearly 10,000 law firms, and more than 3,000 financial organizations. We are capable of doing business wherever our clients are—and we accomplish that by employing experts in every business we serve.

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