International Service of Process

All corporations and LLC are required to have a registered agent receive and forward various service of process documents on their behalf. This is true in domestic and international business sectors.

If you are traveling overseas when your state government sends a tax notice, annual report form, business license renewal, or other vital service of process, you need a registered agent available to accept the ensuing paperwork.

CSC can serve as your registered agent for service of process to ensure that SOP distribution is handled efficiently, even you're traveling outside of the country.

Your service of process representative will receive and transfer any and all time-sensitive documentation to your company’s designated contact. In the event you or an alternative contact is out of the country for business or vacation, the registered agent will send the documents via international registered mail.

With 2,000 employees operating across the world, CSC has revolutionized the way service of process receipt and distribution is handled. We are leaders in the registered agent industry, and are fully committed to providing nothing short of top-notch, timely service.

Neither your business’ budget nor reputation can afford to be hindered by a court-ordered default judgment due to a failure to respond to service of process. CSC represents hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide, and is guaranteed to keep yours in good standing with its respective state government. No matter where you may be at the time of delivery, your certified CSC registered agent will be there to answer the call!

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