LLC Registered Agent Services

Most U.S. states require an LLC to have a registered agent.

What is a registered agent for an LLC?

The registered agent of an LLC is an entity that receives legal paperwork at a specific legal address within the state on behalf of the LLC; the registered agent then forwards the paperwork to the proper contact at the LLC so they can respond appropriately and by deadline. The LLC registered agent is available to be served legal paperwork during business hours, and is also available to receive official government documents, including tax notices, and annual report forms.

CSC® is available to serve as your LLC registered agent. With CSC as the registered agent for your LLC, you won’t have to spend one moment worrying about legal paperwork. We will ensure that you receive notices in a timely and confidential manner, and make sure you are aware of any upcoming deadlines.

When CSC acts as your LLC resident agent, you can also rest assured that records are being maintained of all service of process, entity transactions, and any litigation notices that are received. Our services as the registered agent for your LLC are provided with the accuracy, speed, and security you would expect from a leader in this industry.

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