Matter Management

CSC® was named Best Matter Management System for three consecutive years in a poll conducted by New York Law Journal.

Our unified, secure platform is the perfect solution for the safe storage, retrieval, and management of all your legal documents and associated data. CSC Matter ManagementSM is the key to timely, precise handling of any number of critical tasks.

  • Litigation management
  • Corporate compliance
  • Contract management
  • Deal management
  • E-billing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Internal claims and investigations
  • Real estate and insurance records
  • Regulatory rule-making and investigation records
  • Intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Marketing content under review
  • Location and franchise data
  • Employee data and forms

CSC Matter Management offers unlimited flexibility to accommodate your organization's many document-handling needs. The system makes it easy to turn any spreadsheet into a template and store and retrieve any kind of data—regardless of the original file type.

CSC Matter Management enables multiple departments to collaborate and customize their workflow templates according to their specific requirements.

Through user permissions, you can control access to sensitive data and allow unlimited users to access and update contents at any time, from anywhere. And because it's securely hosted on CSC's SOC 2®-audited data center, with CSC Matter Management your data and documents are always kept under virtual "lock and key."

Best of all, CSC Matter Management is incredibly easy to use. The platform can be launched within a day and requires no IT involvement. There are no software upgrades, no seat licenses, and no user-based fees.