New York Registered Agent

If you intend to conduct business as a legal entity in the state of New York, state law requires that your organization designate a NY Registered Agent. The Registered Agent is a live person responsible for receiving all official legal documents—called “service of process”—and forwarding them to your company.

CSC® offers Registered Agent services for the State of New York, providing your company with a valid legal address where legal documents may be served. Designating a Registered Agent in NY helps you mitigate risk and avoid inconveniences that can come along with conducting business in several states, which is why many businesses hire a professional, third-party Registered Agent service provider like CSC to handle such responsibilities seamlessly.

  • As part of CSC’s New York Registered Agent services, we will send your company notices of receipt for any legal paperwork received on your behalf.
  • CSC can electronically deliver your services of process documents, completely scanned and indexed for your convenience, within 24 hours of receipt.
  • CSC will keep accurate and comprehensive records for all of the above transactions, in addition to all of your entity and litigation histories, in one central location.

In addition to CSC’s reliable Registered Agent representation services in New York, CSC can set up alerts to monitor and ensure that your business maintains its good standing status, as well as provide reminders of deadlines for business licenses, annual reports, DBA renewals, and other vital business filings.

For more details on designating a New York Registered Agent for your company, please fill out the form on the right. A CSC specialist will contact you soon.