Maryland Registered Agent

To do business in the state of Maryland, a registered agent is often required. A registered agent can accept all legal documents, also known as service of process, during business hours, on your organizations behalf. Registered agents for CSC® not only accept service of process but accurately index, scan, and notify you that a document has arrived. CSC’s registered agents will perform all of these tasks accurately and efficiently within 24 hours of receipt of a document. CSC’s Maryland Registered Agent services make doing business across multiple states easier.

  • Indexation and scanning of documents within 24 hours of receipt
  • Automatic alerts that will be sent anytime a document is received
  • Accurate and precise record keeping and documentation of all documents

If you’d like more information about CSC’s Maryland Registered Agent services, or if you have any questions, please fill out the form on the right. A CSC specialist will contact you to provide you with more information or answer your questions.