SOP Manager

High-volume SOP routing helps manage critical data based on your rules

Service of process documents often require a response within a certain time period. Failure to take action can lead to unfavorable outcomes for your business, which can be time-consuming and very costly. This situation can be easily avoided with the right SOP management system.

CSC's SOP ManagerSM

In our role as your registered agent, CSC electronically delivers your documents and notifications into SOP Manager seamlessly within 24 hours. Whether your company comprises dozens or hundreds of entities, CSC's SOP Manager can integrate them in a single, secure environment.

CSC creates a "matter" for you and notifies you and your designees with an email alert that leads you directly to your matter and documents online. Also, our solution is integrated with a single-point-of-entry, featuring role-based permissions to help manage your entities, matters, business licenses, and transactional results.

SOP Manager features

  • Single-point SOP management
  • Prompt SOP notification within 24 hours of delivery
  • Integration capabilities with existing matter management system and email
  • Secure, role-based access
  • Tasks, notes, reminders
  • Quick and advanced searching
  • Reporting based on desired criteria
  • Status tracking

Why choose CSC's SOP Manager to manage your SOP

SOP Manager, our state-of-the-art network for receiving, scanning, indexing, and distributing SOP, is simply unrivaled.

With SOP Manager, CSC provides a stronger overall return on investment for organizations, resulting in a tremendous value add for your business.

If your corporation receives an SOP notice related to a major defensive action, you can apply rules that will deliver them directly into your central matter management system. CSC doesn't charge users per seat license, making it cost-effective when relying on outside counsel or other third parties to use those systems.

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