UCC, Real Estate, and Corporate Filing Services

CSC® provides Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), real estate (land records) document, and corporate filing services in all states and globally, to every type of organization, from commercial banks and capital finance companies to leasing enterprises, corporations, and legal firms.

Our services can save costs, reduce errors, improve due diligence efforts, and make routine business processes much easier.

CSC has serviced the UCC community for nearly six decades. We process millions of UCC searches and filings annually and monitor millions of UCC filings for expiration or continuation.

Our services include faster delivery of records and the largest database of UCC information, allowing you to stay compliant with UCC Article 9.

In addition to tracking UCC expirations, entities, debtors & bankruptcies, CSC’s UCC services allow you to manage an entire portfolio of UCC records using our web-based application, CSCFinancialOnlineSM. Secured party representation within UCC services can also prevent competitors from using the public record for unwanted sales solicitations.

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CSC is the industry’s only provider of both paper and electronic real estate document recording solutions. Our services make life easier for both submitters of real estate documents (banks, title agencies and other companies) and recorders, the county offices that process document recording requests.

By partnering with CSC for secure eRecording services, submitters can reduce costs and risk and enjoy the industry's lowest rejection rates. County recording offices also realize significant labor and cost savings with our electronic services. Both submitters and recorders benefit from shorter turnaround times—from weeks and months to as little as hours or minutes.

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For more than a century, successful companies have depended on CSC to support their many corporate filing, formation, and transactional needs. Along with our award-winning entity formation services*, you can count on CSC to handle your foreign qualifications, annual report filings, DBA filings, articles of amendment and more, as well as retrieval of certificates of good standing and certified documents from the secretary of state.

What’s more, our secure applications allow you to manage your entity data with a single sign-on from any location with Internet access.

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* CSC named Best Business Formation Services for three consecutive years by the New York Law Journal and best provider of Business Formation and Incorporation Services for six straight years by the New Jersey Law Journal.