UCC Bankruptcy Tracking

When it comes to dealing with a debtor's bankruptcy, any delay in responding can be costly. Too often, notices of bankruptcy are not routed to the correct person in time to properly respond. With Bankruptcy Tracking Services from CSC®, you can receive prompt notice of relevant bankruptcy filings.

You can enter a debtor's entity information at any time, indicate your need to track bankruptcies when you are filing your UCC information, or upload your entire portfolio into our system. We monitor a number of variables (debtor name, street address, city, state, and zip code) to help you identify bankruptcy filings that are likely to be of concern for you.

Our system promptly alerts you when one of your debtors files for bankruptcy. In most instances, you will be notified within 24-48 hours of the bankruptcy filing.

In your timely e-mail notification from CSC, you will receive relevant information about the bankruptcy filing, including the name of the debtor, jurisdiction, court, chapter of bankruptcy, case number, date of filing, order number, and reference number. Plus, if you determine you need further evidence, we can order a copy of the filing from the courts for you.

Don't leave your portfolio open to risk. Complete the brief form to your right to speak with a CSC specialist today about our Bankruptcy Tracking Service.