UCC Corporate Tracking

Inaccurate UCC filings can put your security interest at risk or result in no lien position at all. When your organization files a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) financing statement, how do you verify that you have filed against the complete and accurate debtor name? After the UCC filing, do you monitor that debtor for changes in corporate name, structure, or good standing that could affect your lien position?

CSC® offers a UCC Corporate Tracking service to help you validate and track business entity names. Simply add this service when you create a new UCC filing or view or edit an existing UCC filing in our online application. Our system will automatically validate the business entity name as you enter it. When multiple corporate names match the text you enter, our application will prompt you to select the entity you wish to track.

For each corporate entity we track on your behalf, CSC will monitor state corporate data and identify important developments that might include whether your UCC debtor changes business partners, falls out of good standing, changes the corporate name or identification number, fails to file taxes or a corporate annual report, or dissolves the corporation. When changes occur, you will receive an automatic email alert containing the type of change, a "before" and "after" snapshot, and a link to the tracking results. If necessary, we can help you amend the affected UCC filings so that your UCC records remain in compliance with Article 9 requirements.

Instead of spot checking your loans for changes that may affect your security interest, trust CSC to do the legwork. Complete the brief form to your right to speak with a CSC UCC services specialist today about our Corporate Tracking Services.