UCC Debtor Tracking

CSC® offers UCC Debtor Tracking services to keep you informed when:

  • Someone files a termination statement
  • Any party amends the UCC record
  • A debtor obtains additional secured financing evidenced by a UCC-1

CSC can automatically check the list of debtor names for your new UCC filings and/or changes to your existing ones.

When CSC finds new information in the public record concerning one of your debtors, we will send you an email alert. This alert will include a link to the tracking results, where you can evaluate the information and request instant copies of any filed UCC records.

You can depend on CSC to help you maintain the integrity of your due diligence process by helping to keep your records in compliance. Whether you want to track individual or corporate debtor names, in many cases CSC can gather and load this information into our system for your use, saving you valuable time.

Instead of spot checking your loans for changes that may affect your security interest, trust CSC to do the legwork. Complete the brief form to your right to speak with a CSC UCC services specialist today about our Debtor Tracking Services.