UCC Services for Equipment Lessors

CSC® is the leading provider of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searches, UCC filings, and online UCC portfolio management services for large leasing enterprises and other organizations specializing in secured transactions.

CSC has serviced the UCC community for nearly six decades. Through our UCC services, we process millions of UCC searches and filings annually and monitor millions of UCC filings for expiration or continuation.

Through our web-based application, CSCFinancialOnlineSM, you can search and file Uniform Commercial Code records online and manage and monitor your entire lien portfolio in one convenient location.

For more information about our UCC services related to equipment leasing, request a consultation with a CSC UCC specialist using the form to the right.

  • UCC direct search and filing services through the Secretary of State (or appropriate jurisdiction) across all 50 states
  • UCC searches that find more records and deliver them faster than anyone else. CSC has the industry's largest database of UCC information and images.
  • UCC filings that keep you fully compliant with the 2010 Amendments to UCC Article 9 and reduce your rejections. Our application helps you identify potentially incorrect corporate debtor names before you file.
  • UCC monitoring to help you track UCC expirations, entities, debtors, and bankruptcies. CSC notifies you of important changes that may affect your lien position.
  • UCC portfolio management combining the most extensive UCC services available. With CSCFinancialOnline, you can manage your lien portfolio from one web-based portal.
  • UCC secured party representation helps prevent competitors from using the public record for sales solicitations. Contact us to learn more about how CSC's secured party representative services can help you reduce competitive losses.

For access to our application or for more information about our UCC web services, please complete the form to the right. A CSC UCC specialist will contact you soon.