UCC Services in Delaware

UCC filings and searches are a critical part of doing business for nearly every type of organization. CSC® has been a trusted provider of these essential services in Delaware for more than half a century. Having monitored millions of filings nationwide during that time, CSC has the expertise to offer a wide range of UCC solutions.

Managing UCC searches and filings in Delaware can be a cumbersome process, but with CSC you can rest assured that your UCC forms and services will be efficiently and thoroughly handled to completion.

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  • CSC offers alerts to keep you updated on the status of your Delaware UCC filings and notify you of significant changes as they occur.
  • CSC also provides the tools you need to conduct a comprehensive UCC search in Delaware
  • Our application helps you reduce your risk of errors on a UCC financing statement by identifying potentially incorrect corporate debtor names before you file.
  • Our UCC secured party representation can help prevent your competitors from using the public record to solicit your customers.

Those pursuing UCC filings and searches in Delaware should be aware of the following information:

Delaware adopted the Alternative B "Safe Harbor" option for § 9-503(a)(1), § 9-503(a)(3) and § 9-503(a)(4) and (5) of the 2010 Amendments. The state also adopted other additions including § 9-512(f), § 9-516(c) and (e).

With the Alternative B approach, there are no major changes to the law but some departures from its official text. For full details on the Amendments and changes please review our UCC Article 9 Lien & Resource Center.

Read CSC’s guide to learn how to navigate UCC filing forms and rules


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