Mobile App Management

Protect, monitor, and enforce your brand rights on mobile apps.

CSC® Digital Brand Services has the technology, processes, and forensic skills to monitor and manage your brand in the mobile app space. Our mobile app services are designed to save time, protect your mobile assets, and ensure your customers are not misled when they download an app under your brand name.

Mobile App Monitoring

CSC Digital Brand Services' Mobile App Monitoring detects unlicensed use of your intellectual property. We watch over 40 of the mobile app marketplaces including Apple® App Store, Google PlayTM, Windows Phone®, Baidu App Store, Amazon®, and many more for unauthorized uses of your brand.

Mobile App Removal

When we encounter abuse of your intellectual property by mobile apps, we can take action to stop it. Our Mobile Application Removal service ensures that when unauthorized apps do appear, we work swiftly to delist them. It can be included as part of your subscription package, or called upon as the need arises.

NameProtect Monitoring

All mobile app results are published in our NameProtect® application, enabling you to detect potential infringements, prioritize results, and take appropriate action against abuses. It also helps you track changes via automated alerts and archive them for evidence building.

The CSC Difference:

  • Eliminate the need to track multiple mobile app channels in house
  • Deliver comprehensive results and a low false-positive rate through a review by our analysts
  • Ongoing oversight of the most popular mobile marketplaces

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Protect, monitor, and enforce your brand rights on mobile apps.