Online Brand Monitoring Services

Your brands are your best assets. Protect them with CSC.

Brand abuse can hurt your reputation and earnings, erode consumer trust, and impact your market share. Defending your trademarks and online assets means managing and mitigating risk across all digital channels.

Every brand is different, though, so it’s important that your monitoring service matches your needs. With our services, you can detect brand infringements across a range of digital channels based on the areas that pose the highest risk to your brands. Our global enforcement team is here to help you take fast action.

Protect, Monitor and Enforce

Domain Name Monitoring
Look out for potential infringements

Marketplace Monitoring
Uncover illegal and unauthorized online sales

Internet Monitoring
Detect infringing content

Mobile App Monitoring
Keep track of your brands in the mobile app space

Trademark Watching
Monitor trademarks worldwide

Social Media Monitoring
Listen in on conversations about your brand

Phishing Detection
Keep your clients' data safe from cybercriminals

Paid Search Monitoring
Detecting and reporting ads that infringe on your brand 

Our Brand Advisory Team is here to help you formulate your brand monitoring strategy. We begin with a Brand Abuse Audit and Analysis to:

  • Assess which digital channels cybercriminals are using to attack your brands
  • Tailor a monitoring program to suit your organization’s risk profile
  • Prepare a framework for prioritizing and mitigating different types of brand abuse

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Your brands are your best assets. Protect them with CSC.