Paid Search Monitoring

Detecting and reporting ads that infringe on your brand

Customers search for your brand when they're ready to buy. They head to their favorite search engine and type in your brand name or some variation of it. But partners, fraudsters, and competitors can run their own ads using your brand terms—directing your customers to their sites using paid search to guarantee their web link shows up at the top of the list instead of yours.

To ensure that customers reach your site—and that the ads they see are consistent with your brand image—you need paid search monitoring. This ensures you know who is bidding on your terms, when, and how. Offered in partnership with BrandVerity®, CSC®'s Paid Search Monitoring detects and reports on the ads that matter most to your brand.

  • Unauthorized trademark bidding by affiliates, partners, and third parties
  • Affiliate hijacking
  • Ads that misrepresent or harm your brand (e.g., excessive discount language)
  • Malicious advertising (e.g., phishing and malware)

Only an automated solution can give you a clear picture of how your brand is being targeted on different search terms, search engines, and at different times of day. Paid Search Monitoring from CSC helps you find the ads that are costing you traffic and damaging your brand.

  • Set the rules. Customized monitoring rules match your process and the search engines' trademark policies
  • Catch violations. Monitor your choice of branded keywords and automatically receive alerts about infringements
  • Take action. Includes tools for directly contacting affiliates, and for taking down third-party abuse
  • Monitor across Google®, Google Mobile®, Bing®, Bing Mobile®, Yahoo®, AOL®, Baidu® and Sogou® in China, and Yandex® in the Russian Federation
  • Offer monitoring in more than 35 countries
  • Customize daily or weekly email alerts
  • Integrate a custom trademark takedown process with Google and Microsoft® for expedited removal of trademark-infringing advertisements
  • Fully track the success rate, search engine feedback, and detailed responses through our customized enforcement process
  • Download ad screenshots and CSV files of all ad data

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Detecting and reporting ads that infringe on your brand