Corporate Trust and Agency Services

Addressing our clients’ specialized fiduciary needs

Corporate Trust Services

Delaware Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC, provides corporate trust services tailored to our clients’ specialized fiduciary needs. Whether in connection with a new transaction or as a replacement for an existing service provider, Delaware Trust stands ready to exceed your expectations with Corporate Trust and Agency services.

Trust services include:

  • Aircraft trusts
  • Delaware statutory trusts
  • Environmental trusts
  • Aircraft and equipment finance trusts
  • Investment fund trusts
  • Indenture trustee
  • Liquidating trusts
  • Orphan trustee
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Reinsurance trusts
  • Securitization trusts
  • Special purpose trusts

To learn more about Delaware Trust and our services, visit our website.

Corporate Agency Services

CSC offers clients a range of safekeeping and agency services. Whether in connection with a new transaction or as a replacement for an existing service provider, our Corporate Agency Services include:

  • Administrative loan agent
  • Collateral agent
  • Custodian
  • Disbursement agent
  • Escrow agent
  • Exchange agent
  • Registrar and paying agent
  • Stock transfer agent
  • Subscription escrow agent
  • Verification agent


We are not affiliated with any lending institution, law firm, or investment advisory firm, minimizing the likelihood of conflict of interest. Delaware Trust Company is regulated by the Delaware State Bank Commissioner.

Our long-standing independent ownership—being privately held since 1899—gives us the organizational stability so we can focus solely on your issues, not ours. CSC has provided knowledge-based solutions to our clients for more than 115 years.

From start-up funds to the largest institutional investors, our team has a long track -record of producing exceptional results for both bank and non-bank counterparties. We continue to evolve and are agile, adapting our services to the needs of clients.

We know that market participants are expanding their capabilities globally, and we are also global to better serve clients like you. Our expert team—based in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region―makes it possible for us to provide seamless support wherever you are deploying capital.

New technologies will have a far-reaching impact on our industry, providing our clients with greater transparency to their data and simplifying the client take-on process. One factor that sets CSC apart is our dedication to proactively using this technology to make our clients’ lives easier.

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