Capital Markets Services in Europe

We provide our institutional clients with a comprehensive range of specialist debt and capital markets administration services. Download our services overview.

We have the expertise to establish SPVs, review documentation and close transactions for the full range of debt market structures and asset classes. This encompasses deals utilising both orphan SPVs and SPVs which sit within a wider corporate group.

Our team of experts have fulfilled independent directorship roles on the widest range of structures seen throughout the full credit cycle. Our governance offering also includes company secretary, registered office, share trusts or stichtings and managing bespoke transactional obligations, for example, executing the periodic purchase of assets in revolving transactions and efficiently completing documentary amendments.

Our tailored accountancy services allow the full outsourcing of all SPV obligations, across a variety of different asset types. We provide bookkeeping, statutory accounts, management reporting, structure consolidations, GAAP conversions, Corporation and VAT Tax Compliance, and Regulatory Central Bank Reporting where necessary.

Our independent, non-conflicted trustee offering provides security and note trustee and agent roles for a variety of private structured finance and debt transactions. We have the capability to act on international financing transactions as well as under local law around the world.

In a world where the lines between lenders and funds are becoming increasingly blurred, and securitisation techniques are being leveraged by new entrants our trustee service is well complemented by our strong experience in providing cash management, calculation agent and facility agent services to both private structured finance and loan transactions.

With a deep well of institutional experience to draw upon, we understand that capital markets transactions are far from standardised processes, with many requiring additional thought and a bespoke level of service. We have a strong track-record of providing tailored solutions for these more complex transactions which are typically either new to market or of a one-off nature.

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