Corporate Trusts, Directors and SPEs

CSC® and its wholly owned subsidiary, Delaware Trust, provide a full suite of trust and agency, independent director, private equity networking, and special purpose entity (SPE) services to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, and private equity firms. Think of us as a boutique provider of customizable services, with an expert team ready to assist you from pre-closing through completion of your deal.

Independent Director Services

Lenders commonly require independent directors to serve on the boards of SPEs formed by companies to safeguard assets during major real estate transactions. CSC's independent directors are also knowledgeable about the intricacies of distressed situations and the fiduciary duties of directors of companies that are insolvent or are entering the zone of insolvency.

Corporate Trust, Escrow, and Agency Services

Delaware Trust is an independent provider regulated by the Delaware State Bank Commissioner and is not affiliated with any bank or investment firm. Trust services include aircraft trusts, Delaware statutory trusts, environmental trusts, equipment finance trusts, investment fund trusts, liquidating trusts, real estate investment trusts, reinsurance trusts, securitization trusts and special purpose trusts. Agency services include administrative agent, collateral agent, disbursement agent, escrow agent, exchange agent, paying agent, stock transfer agent, subscription escrow agent, and verification agent services.

Special Purpose Entity Services

CSC customers form SPEs, also known as Special Purpose Vehicles, for a variety of reasons, including tax or risk management strategies, asset securitization, or intellectual property protection.