eRecording Tools to Thrive in Today’s Market

eRecording Tools to Thrive in Today’s Market

The demand for digital tools in the real estate industry increased exponentially in 2020, as the world adapted to remote work environments, evolving regulatory decisions, and strained county office operations. Electronic document recording (eRecording) is one of the tools that businesses have increasingly come to rely on as a crucial part of the closing process.

eRecording ensures that data and documents are securely and efficiently recorded and stored, ultimately reducing risk for settlement agents and lenders. Now, more than ever, exploring and adopting the right digital tools is essential to help you thrive in today’s market.

During this recorded webinar we'll explore:

  1. The rise of technology in the real estate market
  2. Recent changes to standards and legislation
  3. Benefits of eRecording
  4. Recording times and best practices
  5. Common rejection reasons that eRecording eliminates
  6. The importance of security

Webinar Transcript (Coming Soon):