Protecting Perfection from Post-Closing Changes

Manage the Risks of Post-Closing Changes

A secured party’s ongoing perfection is not guaranteed after the filing of a financing statement. A number of events can occur post-closing that can threaten perfection or priority unless the secured party takes immediate action within strict deadlines, even if it was unaware of the change.

Learning objectives:

This recorded presentation helps secured parties and their legal counsel manage the risks of post-closing changes to debtor or collateral information that could threaten either the perfection or priority of the security interest. Attendees will learn the essential rules for dealing with post-closing changes, including:

  • Which post-closing events require prompt action by the secured party.
  • How to identify the relevant post-closing events.
  • The applicable deadlines for action following different post-closing events.
  • What actions a secured party must take to remain perfected and retain priority.


Protecting Perfection from Post-Closing Changes from CSC

Webinar Transcript (Coming Soon):