Entity Management

Helping to organize and streamline your legal entity management

Careful management of legal entity portfolios is essential to successfully identify, execute, and monitor necessary governance and compliance activities, ranging from staying on top of filing dates and statutory updates, to reacting to changes in jurisdiction rules.

Organizations without an entity management solution deal with inefficiency and lack transparency and oversight. Entity management software can help organizations keep their entities in good standing, avoiding financial penalties, legal complications and loss of reputation—making entity management software a sound practice to maintain your entities’ data and documents.

Entity management services from CSC

Named the Best Entity Management System by readers of the New York Law Journal, CSC Entity ManagementSM is the industry’s most reliable entity management software for corporate legal departments, compliance professionals, and business owners. You’ll get a clear view of your company-wide governance and compliance activities, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.

Every time you conduct a corporate transaction with CSC’s help—from annual report filings and formations to dissolutions—your entity data and filing documents are automatically added to your online portfolio in CSC Entity Management.

Our entity management software makes it easy to:

  • Organize your corporate data
  • Generate strategic reports for auditing, entity tracking, and decision-making purposes
  • Create, manage, and search your minute book and governance documents electronically
  • Manage stock and shareholder information
  • Maintain sensitive officer and director information by entity
  • Manage your “Doing Business As” portfolio at all jurisdiction levels
  • Automate the creation of organization charts
  • Improve compliance activities

Why choose CSC for entity management

Accessed from anywhere, 24/7, CSC Entity Management is easy to use, letting you view only the entity details you need to see, including authorization dates, entity addresses, statuses, name histories, and more.

Companies choose CSC for their entity management needs because of our:

Industry-leading technology

  • Secure, perpetual storage of your documents in electronic form
  • Real-time corporate entity status tracking
  • Automatic data integration when any corporate filing is completed using CSC (formation, annual report, qualification, etc.)

Award-winning services

  • CSC relies on a robust network of reliable partners across the country, with expert service team members providing coast-to-coast coverage, backed by more than 120 years of experience.

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