The Colorado Secretary of State announced that effective October 20 all business certifications will be available online with no state fee and no certificates or certified copies will be issued in person or by mail. Certificates of Good Standing already are available online, and the following certificates will be available starting October 20 for free:

  • Certificate of Documents Filed: provides certified copies of all documents relating to an entity or record in the secretary of state’s database.
  • Certificate of Document Filed: provides a certified copy of an individual document filed in the secretary of state’s records.
  • Certificate of Fact of Trade Name: certifies that a statement of trade name for a specific name was filed with the secretary of state’s office and its effective date.
  • Certificate of Fact of Existence: certifies that a constituent-filed document for a non-reporting entity was filed and that no dissolution document has been filed for that entity.

Each certificate will contain a unique confirmation number that can be validated on our website. In addition, each record’s history can be displayed in a print-friendly version.

Colorado – Certificate Change Effective October 20, 2015
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