The Top 10 Entity Management Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Here is what you should keep in mind when researching entity management solutions:

Keeping track of your company’s vital data and documents can be difficult, especially if you are managing information across multiple entities or subsidiaries. Many organizations choose to implement an entity management solution, since maintaining their entities’ information manually can be prone to errors, be time consuming, makes reporting difficult, and is not scalable as their organization grows. If you are looking at implementing an entity management solution or are re-evaluating your current solution, here are 10 questions that you should ask yourself.

1. Security. Does the service provider deliver top-level security to protect sensitive information?  The privacy of your entity data and documents is paramount, so you’ll want to make sure the security offered is up to the highest standards.

2. Integration. Does the solution offer real-time integration with core registered agent entity data and filings, secretary of state statuses, and provide the ability to integrate with third-party systems?  Best-in-class solutions will offer real-time integration with core entity data and filings, and provide options for integrating with third-party systems. Avoid a “stand-alone” database.

3. Global Capabilities. Does the solution have flexibility when tracking both U.S. and international entities? A good entity management solution should demonstrate flexibility when tracking both U.S. and international entities. Even if your company doesn’t have any international entities now, it makes sense to select an entity management solution that will accommodate for potential future global expansion.

4. Automation. Does the entity management solution streamline your workflows to run reports, create organizational charts, and give you the ability to locate documents? Entity management solutions should streamline workflows and should offer automation around the entity life cycle. Generating org charts, running reports, and locating documents should only require a few simple clicks.

5. Collaboration. Does the solution allow for easy collaboration across departments? Entity data and documents have relevance beyond the legal department. Does the solution allow tax, finance, and other departments to interact with this information? Can other departments contribute information to the entity platform?

6. Support and Expertise. Does the service provider offer hands-on help during the implementation process, as well as ongoing support from entity management experts? Service providers should be able to offer hands-on help and share best practices to help you maximize the use of their entity solution, not just provide the technology. Training is essential, and should be offered at your convenience and routinely as the system is upgraded and features are added.

7. Getting Started. What assistance is available to help with entering data and documents? The service provider should offer services around migrating data and documents into their system whether you are coming from a third-party system or a manual environment.

8. Flexibility and Customization. Are you able to customize the solution to meet the needs of your organization? Every organization is different and has their own way of doing things. It’s important for an entity management solution to fit into your processes and perform all the tasks you need.

9. Roadmap. What enhancements have been added in the last one to two years, and what upgrades are on the horizon? Vendors should demonstrate a commitment to their application, provide updates as jurisdictional requirements change, and utilize client feedback to improve their system.

10. Cost. Does the service provider charge for number of users, modules, updates, training, and support?  It’s important to know what’s included in the pricing, taking a “no surprises” stance so you know that you’re getting what you pay for.

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The Top 10 Entity Management Questions You Should Ask Yourself and Free Infographic