CSC is dedicated to helping develop the talent of tomorrow through our summer internship program.

CSC’s internship program is a unique and exciting chance for students to work in a challenging environment and participate in professional development activities throughout the summer.


Since 2011, we’ve hosted interns in several different CSC locations, expanding the program each year.

These interns support business needs directly on their teams, and have a variety of other opportunities over the summer, including sharpening their networking skills and taking part in a charitable team project.

After completing the 10-week program, many of our interns continue to work with CSC in a part-time or temporary capacity until graduating, accept full-time offers with CSC upon graduation, or come back to join the team later in their career.


CSC is a founding member of Intern Delaware, a nonprofit focused on connecting talented interns to Delaware companies and retaining young talent in Delaware.


My favorite part of my CSC internship was the atmosphere. I was hooked immediately—the building and amenities were nice, the people were very helpful and positive, and the work I was doing was something I wanted to do for the rest of my career.”

– James Martini, Software Engineer, Corporate and Legal Services

James Martini


The people at CSC are what make the company so special—they’re very helpful and available to answer difficult questions. They made me feel like part of the company from day one and made sure that I was always comfortable with my work.”

– Davis Mitchell, Global Accounts Receivable

Davis Mitchell


It taught us the value of teamwork through successes, failures, and working through issues. It also challenged us to step outside of our comfort zones, whether that meant speaking up when there was something you disagreed with or braving a presentation to a large crowd.”

– Maggie Myers, Accounts Payable Specialist

Maggie Myers


The team wanted us to get the best out of our internships and were constantly there to help and even seek feedback from us about what we wanted and liked from our experience.”

– Chelsea Thakkar, Corptax Content Management and Design

Chelsea Thakkar


This is my first full-time job, and this experience has been great. I’ve never worked in a professional field like this, and I love meeting new people and networking. It's broadening my education and giving me an idea about the real world after college.”

– Samantha Facciolo, Digital Brand Services Global Readiness

Sam Facciolo


  • How do I apply to be an intern?

    Apply for an internship at CSC by clicking here.

  • What’s the deadline for applications? When would the internship begin and end?

    The 2023 program application deadline is January 13, 2023. The program runs June 5 through August 11. The timing changes yearly.

  • Are remote internships available? Which locations have internships?

    Yes, at CSC we offer remote internships and openings across multiple office locations.

  • Is there an age or grade-level requirement?

    Our summer internship program is for rising college juniors and seniors, or students approaching graduation or who recently graduated from a training program.

  • Are internships paid?

    Yes, we offer paid internships.

  • Are internships available to non-U.S. students?

    CSC internships are available to non-U.S. students.

  • What types of roles or teams typically hire interns?

    At CSC we offer diverse internship positions in technology, sales, operations, finance, marketing, and human resources.

  • Is there a volunteer component to the internship?

    Yes–each year our interns participate in a team philanthropy project through CSC Gives Back.

  • Can I become a full-time employee of CSC after my internship?

    Yes! We love it when our interns become full time employees after their internship.

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