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Diversity and Belonging: The real power of diversity and the commitment that we take pride in.

Diversity is an intricate, multifaceted concept. It’s rooted in the power of bringing together people who exhibit a wide range of attributes. That power, however, fades when people don’t feel a sense of belonging—and making people feel like they belong goes beyond simply accepting their differences.

Stronger together, stronger as allies.

Rod Ward, CEO


Human rights matter today and every day, in CSC offices and everywhere in the world. People are rightly demanding action to correct the wrongs in our society, and CSC is committed to taking meaningful action.”

– Rod Ward III, president and CEO


Every day we strive to boost the power of our diversity by ensuring that all our employees feel a sense of belonging. We’re fostering an environment where CSC people can be their best, full, and authentic selves in the workplace.


The more we understand people, their needs, and their challenges, the better we can assist them with our programs, tools, and initiatives.

And our job doesn’t end with understanding. Our belief and commitment extend beyond CSC’s walls. We’re moving our actions to the world stage to make a meaningful difference, and we care deeply about our impact. At CSC, we want to model an environment of belonging, where every employee can bring their whole self to work and feel comfortable sharing information about who they are, if they want to. And while diversity is essential in all we do, we believe that belonging changes the game.

Areas of opportunity

  • Diversified talent
    Increase the number of diverse candidates at the beginning of the recruiting pipeline

  • People development
    Increase diversity in leadership at all levels

  • #CSCGivesBack
    Expand our philanthropic efforts

  • Connection and celebration
    Build employee resource groups and celebrate our diverse heritages

  • Shared commitment
    Live our values while taking action to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our differences

Strategic Equality Alliance


The Strategic Equality Alliance (SEA) is a globally all-inclusive allyship community.

SEA fosters a culture of inclusion regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and provides networking, learning, and development opportunities. The mission of SEA is to provide professional and social networking for all employees who are already on, or just beginning, their allyship journey.

SEA is the overall governing body for CSC’s other culturally inclusive employee groups.

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