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Diversity and Belonging

A commitment we take pride in

Diversity is an intricate, multifaceted concept. It's rooted in the power of bringing together people who exhibit a wide range of attributes. That power, however, fades when people don't feel a sense of belonging—and making people feel like they belong goes beyond simply accepting their differences.

We strive to boost the power of our diversity every day by ensuring that all colleagues feel a sense of belonging. We're fostering an environment where CSC people can be their best, full, and authentic selves in the workplace. Strong together, stronger as allies.

Where are we now?

The more we understand people, their needs, and their challenges, the better we can assist them with our programs, tools, and initiatives.

And our job doesn't end with understanding. Our belief and commitment extend beyond CSC's walls. We're moving our actions to the world stage to make a meaningful difference, and we care deeply about our impact. At CSC, we want to model an environment of belonging, where every employee can bring their whole self to work and feel comfortable sharing information about who they are. And while diversity is essential in all we do, we believe that belonging changes the game.

While there's much work to be done in creating an ever more inclusive environment, we're proud of the progress we've made to date. To better understand the full scope of our impact, review our latest Diversity and Belonging Annual Report.

of leadership positions held by women

of global workforce are women

DEI Employee Net Promoter Score, which ranks in the top 25%

Areas of focus

Diversified talent

Diversified talent

Increase the number of diverse candidates at the beginning of the recruiting pipeline

People development

People development

Increase diversity in leadership at all levels



Support causes related to historically marginalized communities as an extension of our philanthropic program

Connection and celebration

Connection and celebration

Build colleague resource groups and celebrate our diverse heritages

Shared commitment

Shared commitment

Live Our Values while taking action to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our differences

Amplifying our colleagues' voices

Strategic Equality Alliance

The Strategic Equality Alliance (SEA) is a globally all-inclusive allyship community.

SEA fosters a culture of inclusion regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and provides networking, learning, and development opportunities. SEA's mission is to provide professional and social networking for all employees who are already on or just beginning their allyship journey.

SEA is the overall governing body for CSC's other culturally inclusive colleague groups listed below:

Seeks to improve the company's marketing, recruitment, retention, professional development, and community awareness of Black professionals. BEN is dedicated to engaging and supporting all Black employees in CSC's growing global network. They strive to foster equity and representation for Black employees at all levels of leadership and believe that our united voice will drive sustainable advancement for all Black employees.

Aims to improve CSC's marketing, recruitment, and retention efforts of military veterans in conjunction with our Community Ambassador Program.

Seeks to attract and empower Hispanic and Latinx professionals while contributing to their local communities. HOLA aims to connect our rich histories and cultures, as well as integrate topics of social justice and change for our community and in the workplace.

Aims to influence the company's marketing, professional development, human resources offerings, and identity-affirming awareness for LGBTQ+ professionals. CSC PROUD is a safe space for LGBTQ+ and ally employees dedicated to lifting queer voices, promoting awareness and belonging in the workplace, celebrating our true selves, and connecting to our communities in a meaningful way.

Supports and empowers neurodivergent employees and employees with neurodivergent children and family members. They are proponents of empathy, collaboration, and open-mindedness that leverage the differences of each individual, make people feel safe, and give people opportunities to share their issues, experiences, and stories to build trust. They're dedicated to providing opportunities, resources, support, and education to dispel myths and break down stigmas surrounding neurodiversity.

Promotes education, awareness, and allyship for gender equality and inclusion. Shoulder to Shoulder focuses on professional development, community awareness, and partnerships by leveraging collective capabilities to serve as key resources to each other and CSC as an organization.

Provides an educational and supportive resource to all persons, living a sober life, in or considering recovery, or with the intention of being an ally for others. SoberConnect is taking action to break the stigma of sobriety and create a safe and brave space where those who are looking for the next step or camaraderie can do so safely and without judgment while normalizing the choice not to drink, no matter the reason.

A global presence

With offices around the world, we're proud to be a company of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have colleagues in each of the following locations:

North America

South America




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