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Ready to change how business gets done? We are, too.

At CSC, we’re hired for our expertise and skill sets, and trusted to do our jobs. We work in teams and are encouraged to innovate. We pride ourselves on being approachable and helpful. And we know that if we need help, all we have to do is ask for it. With each other and our customers, we build trust through direct, open, and honest communication. In all things, we are responsive, proactive, and empowered.


Our Purpose

To be a great, enduring, profitable company by providing superior solutions in a way that earns the complete trust and respect of our customers and all who come to know us.

We make business itself possible around the globe while creating an environment in which our people, partners, customers, and communities will be better off tomorrow than they are today.

Our Values

  • Service: We are relentless in our determination to deliver exceptional service.

  • Teamwork: By working together, we consistently produce results that are superior to individual efforts alone. CSC® is built on teams.

  • Tenacity: We stick with it until the job gets done. We find a way.

  • Agility: We are empowered to make smart, quick decisions and then act. We adapt and innovate. We are never complacent.

  • Genuine: We are direct, open, and honest. We exhibit the highest level of integrity. We build trust.

Our Customer Promise

From getting business-critical jobs done right to streamlining operations, CSC produces exceptional results with the certainty our clients need.

With decades of know-how, our team of experts delivers solutions that help businesses run smoother and smarter. We combine thoughtful, thorough service with a relentless focus on details.

Our clients trust us to take care of their businesses and create a competitive edge that lets them always perform at their best.



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Go beyond limits

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