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12 Weeks to a New Career

CSC and Zip Code Wilmington help employees enter tech space

Jeff Lyons, CSC senior copywriter and public relations manager

Investing in its people is one of the reasons CSC has been in business for more than 120 years. Through various programs, resources, and partnerships, the company helps employees grow and own their careers.

One of the most successful partnerships is with Zip Code Wilmington, an intensive 12-week program where people from a variety of backgrounds can become software developers. CSC directly hires Zip Code graduates, but also sponsors current employees who are interested in pursuing a technology career.

Gina Maduskuie, CSC’s global talent acquisition manager, has played an important part in how the company grows and hires talent in partnership with Zip Code. She says CSC puts out a notice when a new Zip Code cohort is forming, usually once or twice a year. Interested employees attend an information session and then go through three rounds of interviews with CSC. “It’s usually an interview with HR, one with some technologists to gauge where the candidate is technically, and then a meeting with a VP,” Gina says. “We want to make sure we select the right candidate.” The candidate then goes through Zip Code’s interview process, which involves several more rounds.

CSC was a founding member of the steering group that helped determine the program’s curriculum during its formation in 2014, says Pete Steiner, CSC vice president of technology. But this isn’t a challenge that someone can take on after work or on weekends, he says. Zip Code is a commitment, and graduates can spend more than 100 hours a week learning how to code.

Employees selected for the program have the opportunity to leave their job, while still receiving full salary and benefits—“like a sabbatical,” explains Gina. “You don’t have to have any experience coming into Zip Code. You just have to have a passion for technology.”

When the CSC employee finishes the program, Gina says they start a job that they’re really excited about. “And not only do we get a brand-new technologist, but we’ve got somebody who knows the CSC way, our products and customer base, and how we do things,” she says. About 12 Zip Code graduates are currently working at CSC, including Emily Beech, Giles Bradford, and Kane Kopetski.

Emily has been with CSC for nearly six years, starting out as a member of the Mail Compliance Team. “Around the time I had my daughter, I wanted to learn a skill so I could further my career,” she says. “I wanted to have a better life for my daughter. I took up coding, and I took to it fairly quickly.” Now she’s an associate software engineer for the Matter Management Team.

Giles says he put in between 100 and 120 hours a week while he was at Zip Code. Even though he has a bachelor’s degree in information technology, he admits the program was a challenge. He started out at CSC as a client service partner with Digital Brand Services. He now spends his days as a Salesforce software engineer with CSC’s Corporate and Legal Solutions business.

He’s glad he went through the process. “I love my role. I often wonder where the day has gone, because I’m so wrapped up in what I’m doing,” he says. “Sometimes when I get home, I’ll continue working on some problems that I want to figure out or create that next thing. And that’s going to help another employee at CSC who doesn’t even know who I am. But as long as I know I’m helping them, I love it,” says Giles.

Kane was a project management team leader before embarking on the Zip Code training. He says on the first day of the program, the students were “thrown into” the learning process. “There was an orientation and then they assigned us a task. They don’t waste any time,” he recalls. “It’s awesome because being hands-on is the best way to learn and really retain it.”

He says the program can be difficult and students need to learn how to lean on those around them. Zip Code alumni are often on site, lending a hand and supporting the new students. “You can end up tired and run down, but you have a strong support network around you during that time,” he says. “So for all the sacrifices you make to go through the program, once you’re finished, it’s incredibly worthwhile.”

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