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Andrea Rench

Andrea Rench

It's a very positive workplace and the company cares about your well-being both at work and outside of work.

What's your title and how long have you been with CSC?

I'm a senior customer service associate on the Self-Service Filing Team in Springfield, Illinois, and I've been with CSC since November 2003.

What other positions have you held with CSC?

I've had the opportunity to move into several different positions during my time here. Each one really gave me a better insight into how the different roles all play a part in supporting our clients. I started with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Research Team, running and processing UCC searches, and then moved to the UCC File Team where I filed both UCC and mortgage documents. Next was the Real Property Search Team processing and running property searches, and then I moved back to the UCC Filing Team.

Since I've been here, I've moved to different positions because I either wanted to try something new or my leaders thought I'd be a good fit for something.

What's your typical day like?

I manually e-file UCC documents on state websites and e-file Canadian Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) filings on vendor websites. The filings secure a lien against the collateral a borrower uses to secure a loan. The filings are interesting because every state has its own rules. No filing is exactly the same. I've been cross-trained in other roles so I can help out my teammates whenever they need it. I really like the variety of things I get to do in my current role. It's a good fit and keeps things interesting.

I'm also studying for the Skill Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED) exam. It helps you learn about the different products and services that Corporate and Legal Solutions has available. Things like this are another way that CSC helps you learn and grow.

What makes your team different?

Everyone works together—not just the filing processors but the team leader and workflow coordinators all work together to get the job done. We're encouraged to ask for help when needed, and let the team know when we're available to help others in the team. There's a real sense of comradery and unity versus people working in their own silos. The filing team and processors are cross-trained in many different areas, which helps to get work completed. It's never boring. And we're encouraged to speak up when we want to learn new things.

What's the culture like?

The communication is very open. You're encouraged to speak up to leadership. If you have an issue with something or you need a change in your current processing role or if you'd like to see what another team does, you're able to express that without judgment or negative feedback. People are encouraged to present new ideas. And it's a very comfortable environment. It's a relaxed setting with a relaxed dress code and I never feel stressed about coming to work or processing the work. We have great teamwork among co-workers.

How's the work-life balance?

With stable work hours and plenty of paid time off, I can take time for family or school events. In all the years I've worked at CSC, I've never been judged or felt guilty for taking a personal day off. Leadership has always been supportive.

What opportunities do you see developing in the next few years?

I've never seen CSC as a company that exists just for profit. It exists to support our clients and their businesses. I believe the company will come up with new ideas as to how we can continue to help businesses by successfully adapting to the changing business and technology environments.

What would you say to someone who wants to work at CSC?

There's a reason why CSC has received a Top Workplace award for so many years. It's a team environment that supports open communication, employee growth, and success through training and learning opportunities. It's a very positive workplace and the company cares about your well-being both at work and outside of work. Having a positive attitude about the workplace and the work you're doing and communicating with those around you will help you be a successful team member.

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