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Angela Sutton

Angela Sutton

You’re encouraged to make decisions based on the resources and your research. They give you free range and urge you to make decisions for yourself.

What’s your full title and how long have you been in this position?

I’m an expert customer service associate and I’ve been with CSC for 10 years. I work for Corporate and Legal Solutions in the real estate division in Tallahassee, Florida.

What’s your day-to-day like?

We start with electronic filings that have come in, completed and recorded, and we go ahead and start billing those. Then we move on to the FedEx packages and bulk mail documents that come in recorded. We have a team that opens our mail and scans in all of our documents. Once those are scanned in, we start billing those recorded documents.

What has your career growth looked like at CSC? Did you make your own path or was it laid out for you?

When I first started here, CSC was just creating the real estate division. It was maybe two or three months old. I started out as an auditor—banks or title companies would send in their real estate transactions, and we would audit everything, checking for jurisdiction requirements. Soon we created a rejections process, and I began helping with that process. After doing rejections for a while, I moved into billing, and that’s where I’ve settled in—I make sure clients get an accurate invoice. I bill and close orders that we’ve completed.

The leaders here really care about what role would suit you best. My leader approached me at every step and said, “Hey, I need this and think you’d be good at it. Will you do this for me?” And it was yes, every time, because I wanted to do whatever it took to benefit the team.

What makes your team so different?

At CSC, a lot of teams are spread out between different offices that might even be in different countries. We have a few counterparts in Utah, but the majority of our paper filing team is here in Tallahassee. We all work together, and we know each other. We come together from all different kinds of backgrounds. Everybody comes to the table with different ideas and mindsets, but we are all able to work great together. You really learn about each other working in such a close environment and, to me, that makes us a better team.

What do you love about the culture?

It’s a very relaxed environment and you’re not micromanaged, which I really appreciate. You’re encouraged to make decisions based on the resources and your research. They give you free range and urge you to make decisions for yourself.

As they create systems to provide the services our clients need, they ask us all for input. We can also request enhancements to the systems supporting our daily workflow. A simple example is, for billing, I needed to search our orders using the corresponding check numbers. After I explained the situations where the search option would help, they added the option. This is one reason I feel valued and respected here at CSC. We are heard!

What gets you excited to come to work in the morning?

What gets me excited is when I can share knowledge or a resource. The more we all know and share with each other, the better our whole team can perform—and our customers will be better off for it. I also just like walking in the front door every morning. I have the pleasure of telling people that I really like my job and my co-workers. I feel blessed to be able to say that.

What’s the most interesting thing about your work?

This might be a little different, but I like the numbers; I like that they need to be right. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. The numbers say it. I also enjoy research. Often the fees and requirements can vary greatly. On those types of orders, I like the investigation, making calls to different clerks, using fee calculators, and making use of our resources so the order is 100% accurate.

Is there anything that you’re learning right now that’s important to your job?

We’re all starting to learn Salesforce right now, and that’s important because I think we are all moving in that direction. I’m also looking for a refresher on e-filing documents, which is something I haven’t had to do in quite some time. A co-worker and I have agreed to help each other out—he’ll give me a refresher on e-filing and I’ll help him out with billing knowledge. Sharing this knowledge not only benefits us, but will ultimately help our team!

How’s the work-life balance?

The work-life balance is great. I try not to be away from the office the first of the month, because that’s when we start invoicing. But other than that, if I need to do something, or if my mom wants to spend the afternoon with me, I can do that. I don’t have Teams on my phone like many people do, so when I leave work, I really leave work. I feel like the work-life balance here is great and that CSC recognizes how important that is for more quality production when you’re in the office.

I like to go boating. I love to fish, even though I don’t eat fish. I just like to put my feet up on the side of the boat, cast the line, and just chill. I also love to go to the beach and spend time with my family.

What opportunities do you see developing in your field in the next few years?

Real estate goes up and down. When banks want to cut costs, they can come to us for e-Recording. It’s not as traditional as paper, and some banks like to stick with paper. But when they’re looking to cut costs, we can offer them our e-Recording service, which really helps them out. That’s one of the reasons I want to learn the e-filing part of our business. We’re urging our clients to move away from paper, as it will save them money, time, shipping costs, and other resources.

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to join CSC?

You don’t need to know real estate, but you should be willing to learn a little bit about the process. You should be inquisitive and ready to do research. They really do urge you here to make your own decisions and be confident in them. So once you become familiar with the resources provided, you should not be afraid to use them. People who want to work at CSC need to embrace our ethics, our diverse culture, and Our Values. Our Values aren’t something you see just plastered on the wall. Service, teamwork, tenacity, agility, and being genuine are all things we buy into and embrace. It really is a great place to work!

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