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Antonio Tenorio Jarrin

Antonio Tenorio Jarrin

We have great leadership. They’re extremely supportive and are not afraid to invest their extra time and effort to help us learn and grow.

What’s your full title and how long have you been in your current position?

I’m a business development manager for the U.K. and Nordics for CSC’s Digital Brand Services division—aka “hunter,” based in the U.K. I’ve been in the position for just over two years.

Give us a little insight into your role and what you do.

My job is to research and attract brand-new clients to work with CSC. I tend to focus on companies who have a strong online presence and, as a result, may have security gaps either with their domain posture or be a target for brand infringement due to their online presence. Depending on the challenge, they might need a product or service from our portfolio, including domain management, domain name system service, brand protection, anti-fraud, and more.

Why did you choose to work for CSC?

Prior to CSC, I worked mainly in market intelligence—selling reports based on market research about companies in the technology, media, and telecoms sector. So for me, joining CSC was the next natural progression in my career—to be able to work with large, well-known brands offering a technology and managed service, and to go from a simple “transactional” sale to a more complex sales process. I now often have to rely on third-party information to build a business case to demonstrate the return on investment for a business to my prospects, so it’s nice to be on the other side of the table.

What has your career growth looked like at CSC?

I’m still within the same role, because I love what I do, but my growth trajectory has always been to become better at my job and exceed my sales targets.

What makes your team successful?

Our leadership. We have great leadership. They’re extremely supportive and are not afraid to invest their extra time and effort to help us learn and grow. When leadership invests time and dedication in their employees, it makes the employees more committed and motivated. Results soon follow and all the great stuff that goes with it.

Other than the people, what do you love most about the culture of CSC?

The openness. Everyone is really approachable. In other companies, leadership is not accessible and that stifles growth. It helps to have the transparency and availability to be agile, which is how you make things happen quickly and are able to deliver on the Customer Promise.

What gets you excited to come to work in the morning?

The fact that we have great products and services, and we make a difference in the world. Keeping companies safe from bad actors matters and is a very fulfilling undertaking.

What’s the most interesting thing about working here and about the work you do?

I get to learn about online threats and how to counter them, as well as the new technologies we can use to thwart cybercriminals. I also get to work with some well-known names across sectors such as finance, technology, luxury brands, and many more. It’s exciting to liaise with these people on strategic topics and to help them further their own objectives. My role is to essentially help these business leaders to figure out what products and services are essential to help ensure that their company can thrive online.

Name something—big or small—that you’re really good at.

Making friends. Within my role, I have to build relationships, so I’m not pushy or forceful; I’m a listener and that’s important. Building meaningful relationships is at the core of what I do.

When you tell people about your job, what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?

There’s a glamour to it when things go well, and there is also a lot of hard work behind the wins. It takes a team to deliver a project, and often people are pleasantly surprised by how much other colleagues within CSC are willing to help people like me succeed. We all win by working together.

What’s the work-life balance like? Do you feel supported in pursuing interests outside of work?

Our line of work is measurable and easy to track. So we work until the job is done. Having said that, there has never been any resistance to me or any of my colleagues taking time off to rejuvenate. We have the ability to make room for work and play.

What opportunities do you see developing in the industry in the next five years?

Every time there’s an event in the world like a pandemic—when people and companies are vulnerable—that’s when bad actors prey on companies and individuals. During these turbulent times, it’s companies like CSC and people like us who are needed most. We help keep companies and consumers safe. So, no matter what emerges in the future, there will always be an opportunity for us to help.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join your team?

Be curious about the industry. But also, be tenacious, have integrity, and be outgoing. You have to be comfortable with failure, but never give up.

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