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Giada Trogliotti

Giada Trogliotti

Becoming a client service partner was a new role and industry for me. From the beginning I was given training and a lot of support from experienced colleagues and teammates. My colleagues still provide great support everyday— whether by phone, email, or chat.

What’s your full title and how long have you been in this position?

I’m a client service partner at CSC’s office in Sophia Antipolis in southern France. I joined CSC in May 2021.

What does your typical day look like?

It’s usually busy and full of different activities, which is part of what I like about the job. In the morning I’ll have a quick look at my emails, including the most urgent emails for my clients. Next, I check my work list, and try to handle a maximum of items. Then I go back to my clients, while at the same time connecting with my work group in a chat. I always deliver a high level of service by taking care of incoming client requests immediately, whether it’s in a chat or a phone call. I’ll continue to handle other client requests throughout the day, finish the items on my work list, review my emails, and get organized for the next day.

How did you end up at CSC?

There was a position open in the technology field, so that caught my attention. And it matched several points that I was looking for at the time—working for an international company and having the opportunity to speak foreign languages. I wanted to speak English again on regular basis. In the interview I was told the job was about supporting customers and colleagues. I felt I could use my prior skills in managing international projects for this role.

At the time, I had no idea what a domain registrar was, and I didn’t have any industry knowledge. The position sounded interesting, and I took some time to learn more about the business. I learned a lot on LinkedIn and through the CSC website, where I found all kinds of information. I told myself, “Wow, I don’t know this industry, but it sounds so interesting.” I wanted to give it a try. And here I am.

What other languages do you speak?

I speak Italian, French, German, and a little bit of Portuguese.

What type of support did you receive when you started at CSC?

There were a lot of people who supported me. After my training, I worked with a coordinator who helped me with my first steps. I got a lot of support from team members—not only from my team in France, but from other teams. People were there for me at the beginning, and they helped me a lot so I could understand my job. I was really grateful for that. I have a lot of interactions with my colleagues. We support each other every day, either with quick phone calls or emails. Having the support of colleagues (some of them with 10 to 15 years’ experience) is absolutely important. I’m still new to this job. I’ll often get asked something I’ve never dealt with before, and knowing I can ask my more senior colleagues for suggestions is extremely reassuring.

What’s something that surprises people when you tell them about your job?

Both the job and the industry are surprising to people. When I talk about domain names, they think I work on the backend of a website. The work my team does at CSC isn’t so well known, except by people in the industry. Managing domain names is something that people don’t know about, but they’re curious. So I explain what we do and why we do it. People normally don’t think about what’s necessary to have a website online and working.

As busy as you are at work, how is the balance between work and life?

At the beginning there was a lot of information coming to me, and I really wanted to have the time to fully understand my job and do the right thing. I wanted to learn as much about the job as I could, so I worked a few more hours than normal at the beginning. I wasn’t obligated to do that—I wanted to. Now that I’m more experienced, I’m able to finish everything during my work hours, and have time to do what I like outside of work. I like to draw and paint, play piano, and play sports. I love hiking in the mountains. I also like to cook, so when I have time, I like to prepare some nice meals for my husband and me.

Does your creative background with drawing, painting, and piano help you solve problems for clients?

When I’m talking to clients, creativity helps me find alternative solutions for a problem. My experience in project management also helps, because I’m used to considering every aspect of an issue to find the best solution, such as timing and client needs. Creativity is important not only for supporting clients, but also for organizing my daily activities.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to join CSC?

I’d tell them not to give up easily. At the beginning, this job can be hard if you’re not familiar with the industry. You need to be passionate and give 100% of yourself.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your managers and coworkers, because everyone is a team player and is there to support each other. That’s something I always tell people about CSC.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn as much as you can. We’re always happy to help each other. We’re a strong team and work closely together. Teamwork is very important. And I’d tell them to stay motivated, be positive, and be honest. Being genuine is one of Our Values here.

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