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Jacob Jarrett

Jacob Jarrett

The most important part of a good team is knowing the people to your left and right are doing everything they can do. And when that happens, everything’s all good.

What’s your title and how long have you been in your current position?

I’m a senior customer service associate with CLS in Tallahassee, Florida, and I’ve been with CSC for seven years.

Give us some insight into your job and what you do.

Our clients are banks, and they send us real estate documents like mortgages, deeds of trust, and assignments, and we’re responsible for reviewing those documents and sending them off to the county where the property is located. CSC is global, so we service tons of jurisdictions, and some have the same rules, but many don’t. We help the banks by researching those rules for them and making sure the document gets recorded if it’s rejected.

If documents are rejected, we help the banks figure out why. Sometimes U.S. counties like to use what we call county language. They’re familiar with the way they talk to each other. We help decipher that county language and communicate it to the client in a way they can easily understand.

What did you do before you joined CSC?

I just returned to CSC a few months ago. In May 2022, I left to try something new—a sales position—but it wasn’t really what I was expecting. Fortunately, CSC hired me back in December. I’ve always had a great relationship with my leader and hoped she would be willing to have me back, which she was.

And I’m really happy to be back. I realized I like CSC a lot. Before CSC, I worked a lot of nights and weekends. It’s nice to have a stable work environment. And all the leaders I interact with are really nice and understanding. And from discussions I’ve had with my leader, I can tell she genuinely cares about my well-being. The benefits are great, and I didn’t lose any PTO when I came back.

What other roles have you held at CSC?

I’ve only worked on the real estate side, but I’ve done pretty much every part of that. I was originally hired to audit documents. After a couple of years, I transferred to the rejection side of that. When those documents came back from a county and they were messed up, I’d have to figure out what was wrong with them. I also have some experience in billing. Now my role is to offer support wherever the team needs help. I do a lot of communicating with clients via email, answering their questions and giving them status updates.

We make it a point to respond quickly to emails. We let the clients know we’re looking into their issues and tell them when we’ll get back to them. They know we’re looking out for them. And if we’re still sorting things out after two or three emails, we’ll pick up the phone and call them. Clients really appreciate that personal touch.

What does your career path look like?

The next role for me would be account specialist. But before I make that transition, I’m learning all the other systems, bit by bit. For example, we had a big Salesforce seminar recently. All our email correspondence is going into that system. Learning Salesforce will definitely help me as my career grows.

And I’ve always been open with my leader about my career goals. A few years back, I let her know I’d be willing to take on more responsibility and special projects. That’s actually how I transferred to the rejection side of the business. There was an opening on that side and she thought I’d be great for it and encouraged me to apply. All the leaders at CSC are really welcoming. They encourage growth. If there’s an area you want to grow in, the leaders here will help you figure out a path or find someone for you to talk to. The leaders are very supportive of whatever you want to do. Taking that next step in my career is just a question of when I’m ready for it.

What makes your team different?

Everyone on the team is accountable. You can count on everyone to do the work. Everyone’s pulling their weight. The most important part of a good team is knowing the people to your left and right are doing everything they can do. And when that happens, everything’s all good. And it’s not always just work around here. We also joke around with each other.

What do you like most about the culture at CSC?

The work environment is great and pretty flexible. We’re all trusted to fulfill our responsibilities and aren’t micromanaged. We can take time off whenever we choose to, as long as it’s not holding any projects up. I have my weekends and time after work to do what I want, so I feel like I have a good work-life balance. I work in the office five days a week, but can work from home if need be, if I have a late doctor’s appointment or something like that. The way our technology is set up, I can work from almost anywhere.

And then there’s the people—everyone has a great attitude. They’re all willing to go the extra mile to help you if you need it or support you in your career path. Overall, knowing where I’m headed in the morning makes it easy to get up and come here.

What’s the most interesting thing about working at CSC and the work you do?

Most of the time, the documents are pretty cut and dried. Sometimes you have to figure things out and it’s rewarding when you solve that puzzle—especially if it’s something the group is struggling with. We work together to solve problems and share the answers with everyone.

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