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Kristoffer Gustafsson

Kristoffer Gustafsson

I like the fact that there’s a lot of passion about the work we do. People put in a lot of effort because they want to make a change and are very engaged with clients, prospects, and the services we offer.

What is your full title and how long have you been in your current position?

I was an account executive for the Digital Brand Services division at CSC in the Nordic region. I was in this role for about 7.5 years and just recently moved into a digital brand consultant role; I joined in June 2015.

Give us a little insight into your role and what you do.

As an account executive, I tried to find and attract prospective clients who would benefit from CSC’s domain name management, domain security, and protection services, with a focus on the Nordic region. I live in Stockholm, but I also help support the U.K. team at times.

Prior to the pandemic, I’d attend events to meet prospects and to liaise with clients in person. But when the pandemic changed things, we had to focus our outreach on the other avenues of communication that we’ve also always used, but that became the primary outreach— like making calls, sending emails, and communicating through social media. A lot of research goes into determining how a prospect may need our help—and so I collect data. Since each account executive owns their data, you want to make sure its correct, complete, and updated as needed—as well as making it as detailed as possible.

Why did you choose to work for CSC?

Prior to CSC, I worked in public relations and communications. When a recruiter approached me for this role, it sounded like the kind of challenge I’d like to take on. But there was no one in this role before me. As the only account executive in the Nordic region, it’s been quite the ride starting from scratch and building the Nordic business up over the years. But other country capitals are only a one-hour flight from Stockholm, so that’s made meeting with prospects and clients easy when travel is safe. Overall, I felt like this role was a good next career step for me, and it turned out, I was right.

What has your career growth looked like at CSC?

When I was hired, there was no one working on the ground in the Nordics. I was the first and only account executive in the region. Businesses don’t operate the same all over the world. They have different cultures and practices. So, with help from colleagues, we created what I do now, and how I do it, so it fits with the culture in this region. We’re a small team in Stockholm—with digital brand consultants, client service partners, strategic account managers, and project managers—so we help each other out. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my career growth further by transitioning to a digital brand consultant.

Other than the people, what do you love most about the culture of CSC?

I like the fact that there’s a lot of passion about the work we do. People put in a lot of effort because they want to make a change and are very engaged with clients, prospects, and the services we offer.

What gets you excited to come to work in the morning?

Getting the deals done! I’ve always had a competitive instinct, which is a good thing in this role, and through the years, I’ve also become more results-oriented. Also building long-term relationships with prospects and clients, becoming almost friends with the people who work for the companies I help, makes my job fulfilling.

What’s the most interesting thing about working here and about the work you do?

I like that we celebrate the small things—the small wins—like getting a meeting with a prospect you’ve pursued for a long time. It’s important to find these positives to keep the momentum going.

What opportunities do you see developing in the industry in the next five years?

From a company perspective, security and what we’re doing to get all our services under one umbrella—with features and regular developments to keep up with industry changes—is our opportunity. Our goal is always to keep our clients’ brands secure and protected, giving them the chance to focus on their work and growing their brand without the headaches of domain management or cyberattacks.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join your team?

Build an internal network, because you cannot do this job without support from colleagues. Reach out to project managers, client service partners, products managers, etc., and understand what they’re doing for the clients so you can gain an understanding of how our processes work as a whole and what you can offer. Call, send an email, or use a chat-based platform to reach out when you need help. People are always willing to lend a hand. Also read up on the industry and stay up-to-date with cyber news. We keep up with the news daily and share those within the team. This knowledge helps you determine how you can further help clients or engage prospects, so it’s important.

Is there work-life balance? Do you feel supported in pursuing interests outside of work?

My role comes with quite a lot of freedom. If I work from home or from the office or out on the road, it’s up to me how to get the job done. It’s a lot of hard work and some long nights, but I’d say I very rarely feel overwhelmed by work. We do have to be available for the client, but folks in the Nordics try to respect office hours, so I have time for my life outside of work.

Name something—big or small—that you’re really good at.

I’m good at assembling IKEA furniture. Living 10 minutes from an IKEA store, I’ve had a lot of practice!

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