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Lexi Pyle

Lexi Pyle

If you want to move on to other departments, they're very supportive. They care about what you genuinely want and need as well.

What's your full title and how long have you been in this position?

I’m a customer service representative, and I just celebrated one year of being at CSC! I’m in the Small Business Unit with I work a hybrid schedule at Headquarters in Wilmington—three days in the office and two days from home. In addition to customer service, I help out with onboarding and do a little bit of document retrieval and document prep.

Give us a little insight into your role.

I start the day by checking the case queues that I handle. I respond to customer inquiries for document retrieval, usually through email. I stay ready throughout the day to assist people on the phones. If the phones are a little bit slow, I'll switch over to other things, like onboarding the orders or I'll help prep documents to send out to the clients or do document retrieval.

One of the things I enjoy here is that you’re not stuck doing just one thing. You have room to explore other areas and get encouragement from leadership. The leaders here are very open to everyone expanding, starting out in one place, and then branching out to others, learning as much as you can. They’re always very open if you’re curious about doing other things. And they point out the things that you do very well; they’re definitely trying to push you to do better.

That's how I got started onboarding. I was curious about other departments because it’s kind of a system here with all the gears working together. My leadership team was more than happy to set me up with learning how to do these other things and giving me time in the day to train for them.

How did you find out about the job at CSC?

A friend of mine works here. I worked with her for years at a past job. She mentioned that they were hiring in a few departments, like sales and customer service. She was actually my manager for a long time and was kind enough to put in a good word for me. I applied for three or four different positions—CSC had a lot of jobs I was interested in.

Before CSC, I was a manager at a small mom-and-pop car repair shop. I ran the day-to-day functions there. I have a background in graphic design and I worked for a well-known toy company as a designer. My goal is to eventually get into the Marketing Department and graphic design here at CSC.

What’s your team like?

We have a great team. Everybody works very well together. We're always happy to help each other out. Some departments have designated representatives for clients, but we’re more all hands in. We’re always helping each other with filings and responding to clients. Pretty much anything that anybody needs, we’re happy to help.

What do you like most about the culture?

I love that the company genuinely cares about you. It was very evident from the beginning with everything you’re offered right from the start—the support, resources, benefits—just everything. Once you finish training, your leaders are great when it comes to pushing you to excel in the job that you have and to keep growing. Whether you want to stay in that job or expand. If you want to move on to other departments, they're very supportive. They care about what you genuinely want and need as well.

What gets you excited to start work in the morning?

I love going into the office because the energy is great. I love all the people I work with, and I enjoy my job. I know exactly what my expectations are every single day. And someone’s always happy to help if you need anything. It’s an easy flow throughout the day.

What's the most interesting thing about the work that you do?

It’s a mix of everything. Even though you have a set of expectations, every day is somehow different because clients need different things. Every state is different and every filing is different. You’re always learning about something new.

When I started here, I had no idea about anything pertaining to maintaining a business with the state in compliance, other than filing an annual report. But there's a lot more than that. I learn something new every single day.

When people ask you about your job, what surprises them about what you do?

How much it entails. A lot of people assume that state rules are the same everywhere, but it’s very different depending on the state, the type of company you have, and how you're structured. They assume you’re answering the phone and answering a couple questions. But you’re really helping someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, establish their business, and then you're following it through.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join CSC?

There are tons of opportunities and places you could go. You can move up in tons of ways and learn new things. I’ve tried things in departments that I never thought that I would enjoy that I actually did. Once you get your first position here, ask questions and try to branch out.

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