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Steven Vishnevsky

Steven Vishnevsky

Our team works together with mutual respect, cooperation, and effective communication. We are goal oriented and supportive of each other.

What is your full title and how long have you been in your current position?

I’ve been a fund accountant since July 2022.

Give us a little insight into your role and what you do.

As a fund accountant, I’m primarily responsible for day-to-day bookkeeping activities and tracking capital calls and distributions. I also save down reports and set up wires when needed. Additionally, I help set up the yearly 1099 reports.

What has your career path been at CSC? Who has helped you?

Before working for CSC, I graduated from Rutgers Business School in Newark, New Jersey. I started with CSC as an intern in May 2021 for the fund accounting team and a few months later got a job offer! Several leaders have been supportive of my career path and I continue to learn from them.

What makes your team different?

Our team works together with mutual respect, cooperation, and effective communication. We are goal oriented and supportive of each other. When I was an intern, my team was very patient while I was learning the basics.

Other than the people, what do you love most about the culture here?

What I love most about the culture at CSC is the dual focus on employee and client needs. CSC considers everyone we encounter a client, and we aspire to go above and beyond for all our clients—internal or external. I’m kept well informed through weekly meetings with my team and our clients, and intermittent company-wide meetings ensure everyone stays in the loop.

What gets you excited start work in the morning?

I’m excited about work each day because our team is highly collaborative and works together towards a common goal. One of the most interesting things about working here is taking on additional responsibilities and tasks and learning something. It’s exciting to push ahead and successfully address new challenges completely on my own while knowing I can request support if needed.

What are you learning now, and why is it important?

Right now, I am studying the details of how SBIC (Small Business Investment Company) funds work. It’s important because these funds are treated differently than private equity funds.

Name something—big or small—that you’re really good at.

Something I’m really good at and that’s also critical to my role is allocating my time effectively to complete work and beat deadlines!

When you talk about your job, what’s something that interests people?

One thing that interests people is when I tell them how much I enjoy my job and everything CSC has to offer. People are surprised when I tell them how happy I am with the benefits and the people I work with.

What is the working environment like? How do teams work together?

CSC’s working environment is inclusive and supportive, teams work well together by communicating effectively and offering help when needed.

What is the work-life balance like? Are you supported in pursuing interests outside work?

CSC encourages all employees to live a healthy work-life balance and offers generous time off to pursue interests outside of work. This is something I really appreciate because I enjoy traveling and other interests like mountain biking and snowboarding.

Do you have interests outside of work that tie into your work at CSC?

Yes, one of my interests that ties into my work at CSC is mountain biking. Like my work, it’s challenging and requires quick thinking and fast, accurate decision making.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join CSC or your team?

I would tell someone wanting to join CSC or my team to not be afraid to reach out to build relationships, ask questions when in doubt, and just be yourself! Everyone I’ve worked with has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome and part of the team!

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